Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hires Audio - Treasure Island


Lets dig up some treasures. It's time to run another little study.
Writing and preparing all these articles gets you nicely into all kind of
subjects. Quite some work. But worth it.

A recent  post at Audio Asylum (by good old Dr. mercman)  referring to
an article about Hires-Audio  and the industry ethics behind it finally
inspired me to dig into another "blind side" on my side.
Usually I read all kind of stuff discussed in those forums and put it
aside with a little more than a slight touch of ignorance.
Probably it's not just me acting like that.

Since I spent quite an amount of money recently on  hirez audio-material
I thought why not spent a little time on the subject.
It shouldn't be that difficult to have a little closer look at my "HiRes treasure".

You never know, what's in your treasure box, if you keep it closed. Although sometimes it's better to keep it closed.