Thursday, April 21, 2011

Resampling - If you can't avoid it...

(Last update: JUL-22-2016)


I've been looking at the subject of resampling now and than during the last decade.
Somehow you can't avoid looking into it.
Looking into resampling can hardly be avoided if you strive for the best.

Inspired by some ongoing and never ending discussions out there
I wanted to figure out myself, how to approach the subject.

With this post I'm trying to cover certain aspects, such as

* What is resampling or upsampling/downsampling or oversampling?
* Why resampling ?
* Application/Devices
* Quality factors
* Implementation on LogitechMediaServer
* Offline resampling
* Resampling advise
* Sox installation/update and compilation (script)
* Conclusion

Let's get started.

Annex 1: Script to compile latest Sox for Debian/Ubuntu systems
Annex 2: Sox LMS upgrade on Debian/Ubuntu systems (a must!!)